The Run


Well that sounds simple. You could drive that in about 5 minutes.


You want us to use our legs?! Oh rubbish! Well I guess the views will kinda even the pain out a little.

So next thing I know I find myself dressed up in the smallest shorts, baggiest t-shirt and posing for pre run photos with my girl and the medics… All the while smirking at the warm up stretches that are taking place on the start line…

IMG_3450-2 IMG_3441
That smirking turned to frowning a short while later.


Anywho… 10k complete. Along streams… Up mountains… And long, long roads with some pretty outstanding scenery…

It still hurt. I didn’t come 1st. Or even in the top 3. But I managed it somehow…

Along with the rest of the medical team.

Next stop… Iron man…!!