Where’s the Sea?

So I normally have a choice of 2 options when I look out my porthole in the morning.

Choice 1. A large expanse of Ocean that goes on for miles and miles and the only other piece of scenery will be the sky above. Maybe the odd brave seagull too.

Choice 2. The dockside of a pier. Maybe wood with a few splinters. Maybe concrete with a few chewed out holes. Normally covered with a spattering of forklift trucks and cargo holds.

So I was quite pleased to discover a third option on this particular morning. We’d been sailing through the fiordlands just southwest of New Zealand. Milford Sounds. So instead of option 1 and 2… I get…

Image 308

Ok… I know it’s a bit dark… but if I waited any longer the funky pink sky would have vanished. That would have left the whole place looking a bit spooky…

Image 309

So it was a day of scenic cruising, which meant that although the sun wasn’t shining (we were pretty close to New Zealand after all) you could still pick out a few pretty awesome bits of scenery.

Image 310

Now some of us had a much better plan. I mean a big ship is OK. But lets be honest… we’d rather be 2 inches from the surface of the water paddling like a duck. It’s all going to look that little bit more impressive (until some inconsiderate people turn up in their monstrosity of a cruise ship to spoil your morning paddle)…

Image 311

… and I can’t help but feel slightly jealous of these lucky people. I’d rather be there.

However, paddling round the whole thing and then onwards to Australia in a kayak may have been little much. The ship did make the photo taking a bit easier…

Image 312



Another port that seems to be full of shops and cafes! The day we docked they had the Australian open in progress. Unfortunately I’d left it too late to grab a ticket so I was left with the possibility of wandering around the outside of the place in the vein attempt to spot a tennis ball flying through the sky or finding another objective for the day.

After scratching my head for a bit (and entering a few words into Google) I decided I would try and find some street art.

A short tram ride into the city and then out pops my map on my phone. It turns out that street art is quite a popular past time in Melbourne with a few destinations highlighted. They have entire streets dedicated to it, and you can see the odd tourist walking up and down snapping away (like me).

I’m sure each one has a meaning behind it… I could spend hours making something up…

Or I could leave it to you to decide what each of these pictures represents…