South bank

A week after arrival in Australia and I’m only just starting to feel that little bit normal again. I’m gonna miss my 2 o’clock in the morning reading sessions.

We’ve managed several evening walks where we witnessed the local bats warming themselves up and heading out for a spot of hunting… They say they’re fruit bats but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t turn their bat noses up at meat… I’ll get some pics up later.

Also joined a 24 hour gym… Best thing when you have jet lag and you’re all riled up and full of energy at midnight.

A trip to an area of Brisbane called South Bank seemed like a great way to start seeing a few local sights. My very own bargain hunter (Kirsty) got busy on Groupon and found us both a couple of cheap tickets to have a play on the big wheel.

So photos through the glass are a bit distorted but you get a gist of what the place looked like from a few feet up in the air.

After a quick wander round checking out the little festival they had running at the time and a bite of a burger we headed back passing a beach. A beach in the middle of the town. With a full supply of sand and water. I guess it’s guaranteed to be free of sharks and jellyfish… But not spiders or snakes so I didn’t take a dip.

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