So what started as a nice day out in Sydney involved us both getting locked up in a small room.

The only information given to us?

There’s a butcher on the loose and he’s after you!

Thankfully it was a voluntary lock in. We had 50 minutes to solve the puzzles so we had all the codes to get out the place. Unfortunately, turns out we’re not quite as clever as we thought. Despite being given several clues along the way… We were got. The butcher got us.

However, we were thankfully rescued by the bar man.

Which gave us the opportunity to have a quick and safe game of bowling well away from any crazy butchers.

And pose like zoolander…

The only thing left to do after a narrow escape from a butchers knife was to have a quick swig of wine, take a picture of a seagull then head straight back to the hotel room for our early start the next day…

Written by Music398

Travelling the world; Grabbing a few snaps; Tasting anything that looks yummy... What else is there to do...?

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