Water everywhere!

I’ve been to the port of Burnie several times over the last few years. Funny little city really. You get the usual stuff in any city… museums, craft shops, etc etc… One of the ports where you find a decent wifi connection and send a few messages back home. Or so I thought…

We had a new doctor and nurse join the team and they suggested we just hire a car and go for a drive. Great idea. We found a car hire place and headed straight over after morning clinic. I had these images in my head of various large trucks which we could hire out for the day. Turns out they were just images. We were given possibly the smallest toy car style vehicle with an automatic gearbox. I guess it’s about the destination not the journey as they say??!

After apologising to my passengers about my inability to drive an automatic smoothly we set off. After driving a few miles we then decided we should probably look at a map and decide where to go. All about organisation in this group.

We pulled over and ruled out a few of the further destinations and settled on some kind of waterfall maybe 30 miles away. Buckled up and off we went.

Image 296

They weren’t joking about the waterfall. It was a beautiful place and pretty much deserted. In fact it was quiet enough for the doc to decide that he would go for a swim in the place. I wasn’t quite as brave. I mean the sun was out… but the water was blinking freezing!

Image 295

He seemed happy enough, but I left him to enjoy his hypothermia on his own.

We also found a few random holes knocking about with more water pouring down them. Seeing as I had decided I was going to take pictures of water today… you get to see a picture of water flowing down a hole. All the best pictures on this site.

Image 294

It was soon time to move on. I left the passengers in charge of finding our next destination as I drove. It soon became obvious that they couldn’t come up with a decision, but luckily I spotted a beach as we were crawling along in our sports car.

Perfect. We’ll stop here.

Image 297

More water shots. Another pretty much deserted area of Burnie. As you can see I was now at least ankle deep in water. I had to explain to the others what going for a paddle was all about. I mean the water was way to cold to swim… but paddling? Now that is well within reach. No you don’t need a boat to go for a paddle.

I then attempted to get a close up shot of the water but really only succeeded in drenching my camera in sea water. I suppose I’ve had better ideas.

Image 298

Pleased to say that Burnie involves more than just free wifi and coffee. Next time I’ll be taking a waterproof camera and a wet suit.

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  1. Absolutely fabulous..
    The photo of the doctor in the waterfall is so good. Should be entered into a competition. Well done.

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