What a pretty little Caribbean island. There was no space for even a small ship like ours to dock, so the tender boats were lowered and we proceeded ashore in droves to see what we could discover on this little island.

They have several local languages, but their main spoken language is French. Although looking at their history, the British certainly had a good go at conquering the place and it was shifted back and forth between the 2 countries before it ended up as part of French territory and remains part of the EU. Looking out over the town you would never guess the battles and hurricanes it’s survived.


After a quick jaunt through the town I noticed a sign that pointed towards a fort on the top of a hill (to keep those pesky British troops away.) I couldn’t fault the walk up. These guys know how to look after their gardens. Makes my small piece of shrubbery hanging near my front door in England look a bit pathetic.


There were a couple of what appeared to unused parts of the old fort as I wandered up the hill. My intelligence never ceases to amaze me when I realised I had begun a walk up a hill in 30 degree heat with no water… Thankfully this old fort has been partially converted into a museum that contains a shop – water – clever me.


After paying the required $5 or Euros (their local currency) to get in, you can either wander round the outside and take in the views in their cactus garden…


… or alternatively pop inside for a bit more local history and explanations on how battles were fought years ago…


Spending a few hours on this beautiful island really isn’t enough. It might only be small but there’s plenty of quirks that you notice as you walk about. Just walking back down the hill had me noticing a family day out that included the cat. I mean how could you possibly head out without allowing your ginger Tom to enjoy the view.


We should all create memories for our cats!

Written by Music398

Travelling the world; Grabbing a few snaps; Tasting anything that looks yummy... What else is there to do...?

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