I’ve visited this city a few times in the past… (Singapore = country and state and city) Previously, I managed to spend the majority of my time simply hanging around the Marina Bay Sands hotel, looking out over the city, sipping on very expensive coffee, while looking with envy at all the guests of the hotel playing in the infinity pool.


This time though, I decided to jump in a taxi and get dropped off in the middle of China town, and then zig zag my way back to the ship. I figured this might be a better way of seeing part of one of the greenest and least corrupt countries in the world…


After having spent several visits peering at all the clean, almost sterile parts of Singapore, this was like entering a different city altogether. You get hit with a bunch of smells (some nice… some maybe not so) and colours that make your eyes pop a bit. I kinda just wandered around in circles for a while staring at the colourful stalls, buildings and shops. Granted it was the tail end of the Chinese New Year celebrations so it was a little more decorated than normal, but still… it was cool. Oh and always remember to look up… you never know what you might miss…



You can see the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore in this next shot… (right side)


… and you even get… a self proclaimed 5 star hotel…


I passed all sorts of other things, including shrines, plants that grow without soil, a shop dedicated to ‘TinTin’, and even somewhere to buy very posh chop sticks…



Sometimes all you really need to do on a day off is wander around staring at some new stuff… and yes… chewing gum is banned in Singapore (unless you have a prescription)…

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