So onroute to a rainforest, we stopped off at the a little place where we could feed come Alpacas.

It was a pretty hot day as usual and the alpacas with their soft fur coats were doing their best to chill out…

However, the weather didn’t stop some hardcore alpacas from getting their fill off alpaca food. It looked like small dry wood pellets, and the texture of their mouths when feeding them was like dry saw dust rubbing against your hand. You could possibly compare it to eating dry cream crackers on a hot summers day with no water after you’ve taken a nice long run in the heat.

But there they were. Straining their long alpaca necks through the fence to get another handful of dry food…

Bashing other alpaca heads out the way to get another mouthful of this tasty stuff. The rest of the time between eating was spent doing their best to look cute… And a little bit goofy. But no Gemma… We couldn’t take them for walks!


Written by Music398

Travelling the world; Grabbing a few snaps; Tasting anything that looks yummy... What else is there to do...?

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