Forget climbing trees using branches. What you need is a ladder! All the great views and only half the effort!

You also get tree walks, coffee, and birds.

Lots and lots of birds!

Greedy birds. Angry birds. Birds that bite. Birds that scratch. Birds that really really like seeds!
Let’s introduce the bird man…

They’re not all angry. If you had enough seed you could happily look after two without incident… Although there would always be a few envious looks at the other pile of seed…

It was also possible to get bird selfies. There was a certain amount of bribing to get them to smile…

Some could be trained to untie shoe laces…

But the most exciting part was watching 2 turkeys fight.

There would have to be a loser…

And that loser would taste nice with roast potatoes and sprouts…

Written by Music398

Travelling the world; Grabbing a few snaps; Tasting anything that looks yummy... What else is there to do...?

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