A quick shuttle ride from the ship had me ending up in a Mexican town. Or more specifically La Paz. The shuttle driver / guide was quick to point out that La Paz is known as one of the safest places to be in Mexico so I was feeling quite confident with my camera hanging around my neck that I wouldn’t be hassled.

I have to say that the walk along the beach from the drop off location was quite cool. Sand, sea and a bit further along a pretty cool marina. Not a bad little spot at all.


But you see there are only so many beaches and boats you can see before you have to take a turn into the back streets. Then you realise that maybe its not all as safe as they like to tell you…


Obviously these guys must have had an absolute ball putting the defences up around their house. Down a beer, smash it, glue it to the wall – then repeat and repeat and repeat… It could be that they just like the look of broken glass? The way the sun casts pretty green reflections over the lawn? Something tells me otherwise, since he’s not on his own…


What I did find though are several walls with some pretty cool graffiti.. Don’t ask me how they managed to reach up there?


Followed by the tastiest cherry tea I’ve ever had… although I did have to pick the tea leaves out myself…


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