Random Mix

So in an attempt to try and catch up to the present day I’m going to include 3 ports in 1 post.

1st off… A sunset in Lahaina, Hawaii. Seeing as I’m travelling around on a ship, I decided to include the ship and a boat in the pic. Well… A bit of the ship and more boat, but you get the idea… Its kinda pretty anyway. It was the last tender to be taken up before we left the port and sailed on…


Seeing as I’m doing these ports in alphabetical order as opposed to the actual order we arrived at our destinations, the next port I have is Loreto. I actually wanted to get off at this port and was waiting patiently for my colleague to get back so I could have a mooch about but unfortunately by the time she arrived back it was decided that the waters were too choppy and all tender operations to shore were cancelled. So instead I grabbed a few pics of the struggling tender boats / submarines as they were coming back to the ship…


Well that’s enough about boats anyway.

The next port found me wandering around a place called Manzanillo. I was told it was a little on the dodgy side so obviously I found some side streets to wander around…


Before deciding that yes… It was a little dodgy, turning back round and heading to the main tourist areas again…

However, I did find a sneaky little ninja cat staring at me as I was wandering along. Despite the international calling signs to the little creature, it was having none of it. Quite happy to just sit and stare like most cats.


I did then come across quite a chatty bloke in a watch store. He clocked me taking photos and called me in to try and sell me his camera…


The conversation went a bit like this…

Shop man: Spanish words, Spanish words, Spanish words, Spanish words, gestures gestures gestures.

Me: Yes, OK, gestures gestures gestures, mm-mm, gestures, yes, no, gestures, OK

Shop man: More Spanish, gestures gestures, Spanish again, then Spanish and gestures at the same time.

Me: Nod, nod of the head, gestures, shake shake, Noooooo, gestures OK OK

Etc etc…

This went one for approximately 10-15 minutes. I felt like I really got to know him. And he really got to know me to.

We discussed the settings on the camera. Then he tried to sell me a watch to. I think that was his main business. Not cameras. He was clearly an opportunist and saw a way in with my picture taking. I did get his name but I’m not great with names and forgot it before I even arrived back to the ship. However, despite the lack of tea and biscuits it was an altogether successful trip out in Manzanillo.

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