Bat Cave

So after being part of my very first baby delivery ever on a night shift… Well that’s a slight exaggeration… The baby had already popped out by the time I arrived at the cabin, myself and one of the other nurses decided to jump off the ship and check out Port Vila for a few hours. But what do you do? You are immediately hit by the heat followed by a bunch of taxi drivers and more seller shacks then you can shake a stick at. Well a quick chat with a tour guide revealed a cave about 20 miles away.


Jumped in the first taxi and off we went. He drops us off about 30 minutes later by another shack by the sea that included a not so speedy speed boat. We met our boat captain and discovered we were on a 2 person tour? A bit sceptical at first we still jumped in the boat and off we went to the next island in search of caves…

He seemed like a nice chap and he even brought a loaf of bread with him. Not because he thought we looked hungry but he said we would be feeding some fish? Ok.

The views were pretty awesome as we chugged along against the current to our next stop.

It was simply a case of parking the boat up on the beach on the next island and off we went exploring.

Now the fact that we were walking into a bat cave was not mentioned to us at any point on our journey over here. That fact only began to dawn on us as we witnessed them flying around the entrance to the cave (they’re butterflies right?) and then the scary little shrine that had been set up to probably warn us away…

Anyway that was no deterrent and in we went to an extremely deep and absolutely pitch black cave! Our guide had brought along what he called a torch. This was about as useful as a shiney bum. Thankfully our phones produced a bit more light! 

The walk through the pitch black involved the ceiling of the cave getting lower and lower until the bats were no longer flying above our heads but into them instead, eventually culminating in an extremely busy bat house at the end…

After spending a few minutes sweating at the end we made our way out and back to the boat. Another quick little trip landed us in fish feeding territory. They were surprisingly hungry and really seemed to like bread?

Anyway after we had been assured that there were no man eating fish in the waters (our guide seemed kinda knowledgable on these things, however, never got in the water himself) we jumped in! 

Totally beautiful and super cool. We ended up feeding the fish while in the water which just created a cloud of fish everywhere you looked under the water. 

Now if we could press repeat on this day I’d be happy…

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