What to do in New Zealand

So on waking I peer out the port hole to find myself in a little port that I’ve visited a few times over the years. 

Port Chalmers.

I have a few choices. I could stay onboard and sleep. Can’t deny that this was a tempting choice… I could on the other hand jump on the shuttle bus and take the 30 minute ride into the centre of Dunedin and wonder aimlessly round the small town, staring through shop windows and looking for a coffee shop. I could even just stay put in Port Chalmers and wander through an even smaller supply of shops until I got bored and again headed back to the ship for a snooze.

It was all looking a little deadpan…

Then of course I remembered the bikes onboard and immediately after clinic I headed over and grabbed one of the lovely things, found a nice coastal route and off I peddled.

Now according to the map this little road had a nice beach at the end of it. All I had to do was keep peddling. So I did. Obviously, and wasn’t disappointed. 

It kinda just appeared as I was cycling merrily along. Dunes just sprang into view. The bike was set aside… locking it up seems a bit pointless as the whole place was on the deserted side.

I clearly wasn’t on my own though. I mean you can see the foot prints…

I had my little eye on these mountains too but decided to leave them for now since I had a little beach to explore.

A wander along the beach showed how I should have been more prepared. 


They were everywhere! These clever people all knew about this pretty, but also super windy beach and were happily holding onto their kites for dear life. This is where the bro’s pocket kite would have come in super handy… oops… that’s been left in Leicester…

Anyhow, I managed a few little photos to remind me of the place before I jumped back on the bike and peddled my way back home..

More scenery shots… sorry!


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