Just walking

So there’s a been a few ports in this itinerary that I’ve been to before. It’s easy to fall into the trap after you’ve seen a port a couple of times, and visited the main sights, to then use the day to simply drink coffee. Now I know thats not a bad thing. Coffee can be pretty tasty and it normally comes with cake which again is not a bad thing. But then you see you get that nagging feeling that you could have done something a bit more productive. Seen something that you’ve never seen before. 

It’s a feeling not a fact. So sometimes its wrong, but there’s no harm in putting it to the test though hey?!

Napier in NZ is always pretty. I find myself navigating towards the TANK shop and buying a smoothie though. This time I decided to stick my headphones in my ears, stick on a random audio book and just wander about…

OK well I’ve seen this before but it was still nice to take a photo…

I then decided to have a wander along the beach. I had heard there was an aquarium a bit further along…

I could see the aquarium in the distance but decided the beach was nice enough so did a quick turn and went into the main town. I then discovered a random little path that took you to the top of a mount. Can’t call it a mountain it was a bit mini, but it gave me a view of the ship (and what look like lego bricks) from a different angle… Not sure how they got the thing in there in the first place?

My curiousity of a walk was satisfied at this point… so I grabbed a smoothie as and rand back to our lovely blue ship.

Wellington was another port where I found a mount. A proper one this time. Mount Victoria. This involved a walk through a forrest which was a bit cooler I reckon. It even had a few cannons at the top to fend off all the baddies… or locals depending on which I way they were pointing.

Enough walking for a couple of ports I reckon. Next time I’ll take a bike.

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