More biking

So I’m writing this at approx. 6am. Had a patient for the night shift and grabbed a few minutes to just update you about a day out in Picton a while ago.

So I did what I normally do and grab a bike off the ship. I’m told that they’re all pretty new bikes so I’ve got my hopes up that the brakes work and the tyres are pumped up. I’m not disappointed. Such a sparkly fluorescent green thing. Perfect. The doctor also wants to come along so off we go on a jaunt around the coast that we really wouldn’t have had time to see on foot.

We find a beach thats pretty perfect for skimming stones, spend a few minutes there before moving on…

You see… what a lovely day. The next stop was also pretty cool. Kinda looked like a beach but less sand and more shallow waters…

Goodness knows how far we were from the ship now. But it didn’t matter. We had lovely new bikes. They could go for miles. We could peddle for miles. I even had time to look at the ground and point at the shells…

… and then point at the random large holes in the ground and wander what kind of creatures you might find wandering out of them at night…???

Maybe we’ll never know?

As you can see all this was very nice and relaxing but we do eventually have to turn back round and head to the ship. On our fancy new bikes. That couldn’t possibly go wrong.

Peddle, peddle, peddle, peddle… snap.

Yep, that was definatly a snap. Coming from my bike. 

OK well we’ve travelled approximately 20 meters back to the ship, and that snap was my chain.

Right. Let’s wrap that chain up in a towel as proof to the man in charge of bikes (no I didn’t sell the chain), grab hold of the seat and start running.

It seemed so much shorter and cooler on the way out here. Now there’s a few extra beads of sweat forming, partly from the exertion, partly from that nervous feeling that we might not make it back to the ship in time. Well mainly from that second point actually.

Doc was given the duty of trying to flag some locals down. Someone must have a trailer?

Lots of thumbs up from the motorists as they drove by… Thanks for the encouragement.

But what’s that in the distance?! One of them has actually stopped…

After a quick chat explaining our situation, he threw our bikes in the back of his Land Rover and just like that we made it back to the ship. I think his name began with the letter D. Maybe Dave? Maybe Dom? I forget… 

The main thing is we made it back and I can continue to write more nonsense on this blog…

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