Tug of War

So I guess a World Cruise sounds like it’ll be non-stop ports day after day and they’ll be little need for any kind of onboard entertainment since people will be far too tired after a day out ashore. However, although it is a lot of fun, there is also a lot of ocean. 

We can sometimes be at sea for a week or more at a time with nothing but ocean for miles / days in front and behind. So how do you keep all these hungry passengers entertained for that long? Well I guess the buffet helps for a while but eventually they want to see something else. How about the entertainment department arrange a Tug of War competition between all the departments. All you need is 5 people on a team and the competition is on.

We only have 3 people in medical so I guess that means either sitting out or picking out the dregs of what the other departments don’t want. We decided not to humiliate ourselves and instead watch the other departments do it for us.

The days preceding the event you could hear all the crew discussing their tactics. Apparently it’s not all about strength? Apparently? It’s all in your technique? We’ll see about that one…

The captain set everything in motion ensuring that there was no cheating…

Cruise director just behind and the deputy cruise director keeping score…

Cheer leaders, taunting, cheering, cheating and everything in between. It was all here. 

You can see how popular this was. Now you might be wandering where the girls team was hiding… Well… 

They might not have won… but they did put a few of the boys to shame…

It basically came down to 2 departments…

The engineers and the dining room. I’ve never seen such a long Tug of War match… eventually ending in a foul with the dining room lads collapsing in a heap and the engineers unable to pull the flag across the line. 

Replay says the captain…

A controversial decision and one that leads to the ultimate champions of the ship…

Yes… The best Tug of War team onboard the ship are the Dining Room… Maybe it really is technique??

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