Port Vila

So far no one has asked for the bikes back. Good news. It does mean we (we being me and the doc) can nip off yet again to find some more stuff.

Today’s stuff included more waterfalls. I had a silly assumption in my head that we could just cycle to the bottom of the waterfall and then simply walk around for free. Oh no. They’ve managed to turn the waterfalls into a money making business, which, by the time we had spent an hour cycling to them we had no choice but to accept.

Money handed over, bikes propped up next to a shed with no locks and off we walked… 

Have to be honest. The place was covered in little waterfalls. It was really quite beautiful really. We got to a couple of streams that we had to ford, which they had very kindly left a rope to cling onto just in case it was a little rough I guess…

After a bit more walking barefoot… avoiding anything too sharp… we eventually made it to the main attraction…

As you can imagine and see, no one is going to be content with simply staring at it from the bottom… you have to feel the water whizzing over your toes. Which is exactly what we did, again using the extremely safe safety ropes that they provide… All at your own risk mind… so please don’t slip!

I did attempt to take a picture from nearer to the source… it didn’t really work… me and my camera just ended up very wet. Turning round and taking a picture behind me was far more successful.

That was basically my day summed up… seeing as we have so many tender ports I’m not getting off much… the next port I jumped off at was somewhere called Tangalooma. I had also never heard of it. Australian apparently… and also very pretty…

It soon became apparent as we strolled along the beach having a paddle that we weren’t alone…

Starfish. Everywhere. Or I believe they are now called sea stars since they’re not fish, which I think is a bit obvious really but hey, why not change the name. It soon became obvious though that this paradise of life that we thought we were staring at was actually just a starfish graveyard. Every single one of the poor blighters was dead… some a little more shrivelled up than others depending on how long they’d been tanning for…

The only comforting thought we were left with is the the knowledge that starfish don’t have a brain?

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