A little walk

Our turnaround port for our current cruising is Sydney, and will be for some time until we cross the Tasman and start circling New Zealand. Until that happens we get to enjoy the Australian winter for a few more weeks. As it turns out winters in Australia aren’t all that bad? The doc managed to find a nice little coastal walk that we could follow so we nipped off the ship nice and early on a sunny Thursday morning, jumped on bus and headed to the first of several beaches we would see that day – Coogee Beach.

We grabbed a coffee, walked a few steps, realised we’d completely overdressed for this winter day, threw our coats in the bags and headed off with our cameras in hand. The whole walk would take us about 2 hours in total, as we skirted the outside of the coast. The temptation to steal a boat was high… but we managed to avoid it and carried on without being arrested.

We then came across quite a nice large area of rock and I spent some time gawking at the waves as they crashed about, watching the seagulls dive bombing the odd sea creature that dared to swim too close to the surface…

This day had everything… even a watching a game of bowls. Which made me think that despite all the burpees, starjumps and sit-ups I might be doing at the gym now… in 40-50 years time I might also be enjoying an exciting game of bowls too.

Not too far from the bowls club came the graveyard. Coincidence? I don’t know. Anyway I’ve decided that when I do eventually pop it, I would quite like to be placed in this graveyard. Facing the sea obviously, as I’d need a view. I imagine land round here is quite sought after so I’ll probably have to get my order for my plot submitted in the next couple of years. 

All good things eventually come to an end unfortunately, and after finding ourselves placed on Mackenzies Point, which is quite a tourist spot…

… we turned to the left to see Bondi beach sneaking into view, and our almost final destination.

This meant we could find a burger bar and stuff our fat faces before heading back to the ship in a taxi!

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