A Bunch of Randoms

It seems I’ve gone too long without posting anything. If I’m honest there hasn’t been much of interest happening out here??! However, I’ve decided to scroll through the photos on my phone and see if there really is anything happening over here that is remotely interesting… Zzz…

So far if found a leicester built marine machine hanging by the harbour in Hobart…

Fun little overnight that involved cider… and a chat with my mates about how wonderful leicester is for building machines like this… (still don’t actually know what it is… but it all made sense after a couple of ciders)

I then had the dubious pleasure of meeting a cockroach in my cabin in the early hours of the morning as I was getting dressed. The little blighter was pretty quick on his feet but I managed to catch him under a paper cup.

… which he managed to escape from and then hid under my bed. He was caught a few days later in a roach trap… not quite as clever as he thought he was…

Obviously no contract would be the same without a few medical disembarks. These are so much easier when u can simply wheel the little blighters off the gangway… however, the current cruising involves a whole lot of tendering… which makes the transportation a bit more tricky… but also gives u a chance to go for a boat ride…

I’ve seen a man fall from a low hanging rope several times…

… and how about a little picture of my office… which is actually just a very long narrow pharmacy area with a computer dumped at the end…

How do I follow an office pic…?! Well maybe a pic of some of the team spring cleaning ready for a public health inspection…

People do end up leaving… and it’s always s good opportunity to get a pic of the whole team together…

From the left… nurse, me, environmental officer… who’s best mates with the senior doctor who’s next to her and has ended up as an extra medic, then the crew doctor and the other nurse…

A pretty big part of the contract has been all our time at the gym!?! Weirdly?! We’ve been pretty consistent… and I can’t remember a time without sore muscles…

Along with gym duty… we have to set up the odd medical post on some of the more remote islands… we sit there, looking professional, handing out plasters mainly…

Every now and again… they’ll arrange for a crew dinner… this is where our culinary skills really come into play as they get all the officers to serve the crew… this one was a BBQ arranged out on the aft morning deck…

Then u have competencies to complete for the new to sea nurses… and who better to test the equipment out then the actual new to sea nurse… I mean it’s always important to know how the patient feels!

Days off can include anything… I’m currently sat in a book shop in Sydney… eating a salmon bagel and stealing their wifi… our day out in Suva found us all getting a massage…

Crew talent shows are always a bit hit and miss… this particular one was more of a miss for the lead dancer Bruno…!!!

That pretty much sums up my time so far… I’ll aim for a proper day out next time… but I’ll continue to collect a few randoms for these times when days out are a bit thin…

Written by Music398

Travelling the world; Grabbing a few snaps; Tasting anything that looks yummy... What else is there to do...?

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