So with a few hours spare one day we (as in me, doc and the F&B director) decided to grab a bike (well one each) and see how far we could get in our call to Noumea.

As it happens we didn’t get far. It was a combination of faulty bikes, a bit of laziness and being more interested in the scenery.

We did however, manage to find the famous Lemon Bay and also a little route up a hill so we could get a better view of the land… and also pick our spot to swim…


Despite thinking we had found a secret spot on the hill… it turned out we hadn’t as we appeared to bump into what felt like every tourist in the the South Pacific on the top.

What we did spy when we popped back down though was clearly way more important than a beach: Icecream!

Completely forgot to take a picture of the thing (That’s a lie. I was not wasting precious moments in the sun while it melted) so you’ll simply have to imagine both the look and taste of it. They do some funky stuff with the spatula and make it look like a flower… very clever… but it still gets eaten just the same.

Anyhow. We did find a nice secluded spot to swim…


… and although I’m not the biggest fan of water, this stuff was warm and cosy like a blanket and was actually pretty amazing to float about in. Obviously after a cycle, a climb, an ice cream, a swim and then a few minutes watching the sunset, heading back to the ship was not our favourite part of the trip… why can’t we just stay a few days… yes?

Apparently not Sad smile

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