A summary so far…

Some people are no doubt wondering where I am.

These people can probably be counted on 1 hand and are most likely located on the same ship as me.

However, just in case there are others who are unfortunate enough to be concerned with my current position, I’m bobbing about on the outskirts of Iceland.

I can though give you a quick run down of the last few weeks. Most of it has been spent studying, but there have been occasions where I’ve walked on land… Starting with the lovely port of Cobh…


Actually a sweet little town with a pretty cool cathedral and a lovely train station that takes you to Cork…

Nice… but what I really wanted to see was our next stop in North America…


This was just a bit of scenic cruising in Prins Christian Sund, and they eventually dropped us off in…


Greenland! Or more specifically Nanortalik. Blinking cold, and with a population similar to the ship, it was gorgeous.

If you want a bit of peace and quiet – this is the place to go. I did notice a small area with AstroTurf that was a designated football stadium… a couple of park benches for the home crowds…

Next stop was Qaqortoq…

This was a metropolis in comparison, although still fairly deserted… I think I pretty much caught the entire town in this shot.


I can only assume the activities involve a lot of hiking.

And fishing.

Next stop was Iceland on the way back to Dover, via the Faros Islands… Didn’t get any pics at this point… but what I did find back in Dover, was a jousting competition at the castle. Real Knights apparently?


They did seem quite genuinely fixated on poking each other quite hard with those jousts. The horses didn’t seem terribly impressed.

Anyway, we left Dover and headed for Norway, which was a pretty standard little city called Stavanger…


Not too much to mention here. We then headed back to Iceland where I did manage a couple of pics in Seydisfjordur:


This was another beautiful little place. Waterfalls everywhere. I noticed a lovely one not far from the ship… but so had everyone else and it became a bit overrun with tourists. Being the antisocial chap I am, I turned the other way and walked for an hour to find my very own waterfall.


I have to say, it wasn’t as pretty as the one nearer the ship, but still pretty awesome, and a great place to have a dip. If you’re brave.

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